The exploration and exploitation of space resources, including mining of celestial bodies, is currently becoming more feasible by the day. Private companies have identified the economic potential of such endeavours, pressing States to clarify the applicable legal framework. Such situation may justify the development of a new international legal regime, designed to answer unavoidable demands of the international community, while considering the specific perspectives of developing nations.



Through presentations by internationally renowned speakers, perspectives regarding global governance of space resources activities are to be acknowledge, while considering a Latin American standpoint to the topic providing reflection on specific needs and concerns of developing nations.

Additionally, a Working Session is devised to prepare a technical contribution to the Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group, considering its “Draft Building Blocks for the Development of an International Framework on Space Resource Activities”.



The Workshop aims at contributing to activities of researchers and professionals involved in space law, space policy and space technology, as well as students, members of the civil society, industry and the general public.